NAIFA Tennessee PIC

NAIFA Tennessee's Advisors Political Involvement Committee (APIC or PIC) is one of several ways that NAIFA Tennessee works to protect the interests of its members.

When state legislation hits a crucial point in the legislative process, NAIFA Tennessee activates its contact system. Agents and advisors all around the state communicate NAIFA Tennessee message about issues that affect their livelihoods. This contact takes place in the form of letters, faxes, phone calls and face-to-face meetings.

Become a Key Contact for a Tennessee Legislator

NAIFA Tennessee Key Contacts are members who either currently have, or are willing to develop, relationships with members of the Tennessee Legislature. They may be called upon to assist in the delivery of PAC contributions, or to make contact with their lawmakers during the legislative session. While most Key Contacts live in the district of the lawmaker they cover, it is possible to serve as a Key Contact for a lawmaker from another district if a previous relationship exists.

Become involved in the political process by acting as a Key Contact to a state legislator. As a small business owner and leader within your community, your legislators are eager to hear from you!

To become a key contact, please complete this form.

Note: Only members that have contributed to the PAC within the past 12 months may act as a Key Contact.

Federal PIC

For information about the PIC at the federal level, including how to sign up to be a key contact for a U.S. Congressman, visit NAIFA National's website.